Why Professional Stock? facial

Having a comprehensive professional range not only makes you a strong competitor in the beauty industry, but a professional range is one of the requirements of modern times. Jean baré’s professional range addresses the skin conditions of modern times – aging, pigmentation, acne & sensitivity. Thorough research has been done on various new ingredients available on the market and these have been utilized in the Jean baré professional range.

Although the Jean baré professional range is result driven, it is designed to take hand with the current home care range. The whole idea behind professional stock is to enhance the Jean bare philosophy of pathway to beauty. This means that Jean baré is in your life for a life time – helping you with a proper skin care home routine, but also enhancing the effect of home care products with comprehensive, target driven facial treatments.

The all new Jean baré SKINsurance concept goes hand in hand with the Jean baré professional range. Jean baré developed four different types of skin investment plans which are Violet, Silver, Gold and Platinum SKINsurance options. In a nut shell, SKINsurance is a yearlong skin investment plan that a client take out from their favourite Jean baré salon. Depending on the plan chosen, the SKINsurance investment consist of a certain amount of facial treatments at a discount price, a discount product voucher and participation in the Pathway to a product skin bonus concept. The facial treatments of SKINsurance feature the new professional stock of Jean baré.

The Jean baré family grouping of products, are continued in the professional range. Thus all anti-aging products used for anti-aging facials are grouped under one umbrella, called Preclusion. The same accounts for products used in the pigmentation facials, named Medi-bright, acne products used in the acne treatments named AcneMax and finally sensitive products used in delicate facials named Ammeo Delicate.
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